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A Tiny but Mighty Ethernet Switch

As the manufacturing industry continues to evolve and improve, the requirements of network infrastructure constantly change when refurbishing or expanding facilities. When these changes take place, there are often space constraints for installing products in existing cabinets or machines.

To keep up with changing connectivity requirements while saving you time and effort, the EDS-2000-EL Series unmanaged switches include 5- and 8-port Ethernet options, with the 5-port model only measuring 18 x 81 x 65 mm. In addition, a robust design allows you to continue to meet your demands for flexibility, reliability, and continuity. 

Key Features

  • Small Footprint
    The extra small EDS-2000-EL switches free up valuable space inside your machines and cabinets, allowing you to accommodate more devices for growing network demands.

  • Easy Data Control
    Our EDS-2000-EL switches allow you to enhance data flow efficiency simply by flipping the DIP switches to enable QoS and BSP, which reduce the chances of data loss and operating costs for your applications.

  • Reliable Durability
    Designed to meet rugged industrial specifications, the EDS-2000-EL switches come with high EMC resistance and a wide operating temperature range for 24/7 reliability in harsh environments.

Cost-effective Ethernet Expansion

Tap into big opportunities with the tiny EDS-2000-EL Series Ethernet switches. With models almost as small as a credit card but jam-packed with smart features, the EDS-2000-EL Series delivers time and cost savings by facilitating efficient network deployment.

Unlike traditional unmanaged switches, the robust EDS-2000-EL Series enables Quality of Service (QoS) for critical data transmissions to ensure reliable Ethernet connectivity, whether deployed in a machine or in the field.


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Save Big with Moxa + Ignition™

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to get data from remote equipment is to use a Moxa IIoT gateway with Ignition Edge Onboard™. You get a rugged field-tested platform that easily connects over Verizon™ or AT&T™ networks to Allen Bradley™, Siemens™, Modbus RTU/TCP, OPC UA, Omron™, DNP3, UDP/TCP, or serial devices. And you can enjoy significant savings by purchasing units with Ignition™ already pre-installed and licensed (Ignition license sold separately).

Industrial Network Security Solutions 

With the increase of network security threats in the Industrial sector, how can you keep your organization safe? Moxa has combined their OT expertise with IT-level security features within their leading product lines. This includes an expansive lineup of Ethernet Switches, Wireless Devices, Secure Device Servers, Industrial Routers, Protocol Gate

ways, and Management Software. Keep your OT network running efficiently and securely with Moxa.

What does your network look like?

The size of your network can impact your security policy and how it is implemented.

Download the Moxa Cybersecurity Product Portfolio

Compact, rugged PCs designed for easy real-world deployment

Modern software and data architectures are driving new demand for flexible, scalable, off-the-shelf industrial computing hardware. Compared to traditional embedded systems or proprietary “appliance” type devices, the combination of industrial PC + modern software offers clear advantages to users that need greater customization, interoperability, and scalability.

What makes industrial PCs so attractive is their ability to support modern software in a compact and rugged form factor designed for the industrial edge, which often means in hot, dusty panels alongside PLCs and other equipment. This opens the door to a wide range of applications, from collecting data for IoT platforms to applying the latest machine-learning algorithms for optimal production efficiency.

Learn more about modern edge computing options from Moxa here »

Looking at how to connect serial devices or sensors to a network? Need help converting different protocols? It is more important than ever to identify cost effective solutions for monitoring equipment to reduce downtime and optimize operations. OT and IT engineers face challenges around the diversity of legacy devices, time-consuming set up and difficulty with trouble shooting. Moxa helps address these challenges with easy to use industrial connectivity solutions.

Serial Device Servers
Remote I/O Devices
Media Converters
Protocol Gateways