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  • EDR-810-VPN-2GSFP Promotion

    8+2G multiport industrial secure router with switch/firewall/NAT/VPN

  • MGate 5103 New

    1-port Modbus RTU/TCP/EtherNet/IP-to-PROFINET gateways

  • UC-8112-LX-STK

    IIoT Gateway Starter Kit

  • NPort P5150A

    Single Port Serial Device Server as Power Device

  • MGate 5109

    All kinds of DNP3 and Modbus protocols for serial-to-Ethernet and cross conversion

Cyber Security Made Easy with Moxa's Integrated Industrial Firewalls

The EDR-810 is a highly integrated industrial multiport secure router with firewall/NAT/VPN and managed Layer 2 switch functions. It is designed for Ethernet-based security applications in sensitive remote control or monitoring networks, and it provides an electronic security perimeter for the protection of critical cyber assets such as pumping/ treatment systems in water stations, DCS systems in oil and gas applications, and PLC/SCADA systems in factory automation.

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The MGate 5103 is an industrial Ethernet gateway for Modbus RTU/
ASCII/TCP, EtherNet/IP, and PROFINET network communications. To
integrate existing Modbus devices onto a PROFINET network, use
the MGate 5103 as a Modbus master/slave or EtherNet/IP adapter to collect data and exchange data with PROFINET devices. The latest
exchange data will be stored in the gateway as well. The gateway
converts stored Modbus or EtherNet/IP data into PROFINET packets so
the PROFINET IO controller can control or monitor field devices.

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RISC-based Edge Computer With Data Acquisition Software Evaluation Package

The IIoT Gateway Starter Kit combines the ThingsPro Gateway software package with the UC-8112-LX edge computer, providing you with a great tool to boost your Industrial IoT prototype development. With the IIoT Gateway Starter Kit, you can achieve a faster time to market, and develop IIoT applications better suited for your customers’ needs.UC-8112-LX-STK 


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Single Port Serial Device Server as Power Device

NPort P5150A device servers are designed to make serial devices network-ready in an instant. It is a PD device and is IEEE 802.3af compliant, so it can by powered by a PoE PSE device without an additional power supply. Use the NPort P5150A device servers to give your PC software direct access to serial devices from anywhere on the network. The NPort P5150A device servers are ultra lean, ruggedized, and user friendly, making simple and reliable serial to Ethernet solutions possible.

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Overcome The Challenges of Using DNP3 Throughout Your Project Deployment

Moxa’s MGate 5109 serial-to-Ethernet gateway supports multiple Modbus to DNP3 conversions, including Modbus RTU/ASCII, Modbus TCP, and DNP3 serial/TCP/UDP protocols. As all of these conversions can be performed within a single model, the need to purchase, deploy, and set up multiple devices to perform all of these conversions is eliminated. The MGate 5109 can either convert protocols using the transparent mode, or perform different roles, such as acting as an agent to communicate with the field devices.

DNP3 Conversion


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