Due to global supply chain issue, all Moxa products will have an approximate 5% price increase starting June 1st, 2021.

Warranty Policy

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The manufacture warranty is effectived from the shipping date of your purchase. Please always reserve the product invoice for the warranty record. The warranty covers both parts and labor under normal operating condition as defined in the product user manual.


MOXA Warranty Periods

Product Product Line Warranty Period
Industrial Ethernet Solutions Industrial Core Switches 5 Years
Rackmount Ethernet Switches
DIN-Rail Ethernet Switches
Industrial PoE Switches
EN 50155 / IEC 61850-3 Ethernet Switches
Industrial Secure Routers
Ethernet Media Converters
Industrial Ethernet Gateways
Industrial Wireless LAN
Industrial Cellular Devices
Industrial Computing Embedded RISC Box Computers 5 Years
Embedded x86 Box and Marine Computers 3 Years
Panel Computers* 3 Years for computer systems, 1 Year for LCD panels
Displays 1 Year
Serial Connectivity Serial Device Servers 5 Years
Industrial USB Devices
Multiport Serial Boards
Media Converters
Embedded Networking Devices
IP Surveillance HD IP Camera 5 Years
SVGA IP Camera 3 Years
Speed Dome Cameras 3 Years
Video over IP Servers 5 Years
Remote Automation Micro RTU Controllers (excluding models with relays***) 5 Years
Ethernet Micro RTU Controllers (excluding models with relays***) 5 Years
Ethernet Remote I/O Modules (excluding models with relays***) 5 Years
Modular Remote I/O Modules 2 Years
Modular RTU Controllers 5 Years
Serial Remote I/O Modules (excluding models with module expansions) 5 Years
*The warranty period for the MPC-122-K series is 1 year.
** The warranty period for moving parts of the IP or Speed Dome Cameras is 1 year, and includes the following items:
a. Fans
b. Shutters
c. Zoom lenses (VP-1214MPIR, VP-3112MPIR and VP-3113MPIR remain 5-year warranty)
d. DC-Iris, P-Iris lenses
e. PAN, TILT, and lens motors / mechanisms
f. Slip rings
*** The warranty for the ioLogik W5340 Series, ioLogik E2214, ioLogik E1214, ioLogik E4200, and NA-4000 Series is 2 years.
Peripherals Warranty Period
Batteries 1 Year
DIN-Rail Power Supplies 3 Years
Fiber Patch Cords, SC to ST Duplex Adapters 1 Year
Hard Drives & Solid-State Drives* Original manufacturers' warranty period
Power Adapters** 1.5 Years
Serial Connection Boxes (excluding C32020T) 1 Year
Serial Connection Cables 5 Years
SFP Ethernet Modules*** 5 Years
PT Scanners Original manufacturers' warranty period
Wireless and Cellular Antennas/ Accessories / Modules 1 Year
* The product is an accessory that does not carry the Moxa brand name. Hence, In this case, warranties are limited to the warranty provided by the original manufacturers. Examples of such products and accessories are power adapters, hard drives, solid-state drives, and cables.
** The warranty period for power adapters starts from the manufacturing date marked on the unit label.
*** The 5-year warranty period for SFP Ethernet Modules applies to products shipped after Jan. 1, 2011. The warranty period for products shipped before 2011 is 3 years.