Moxa Solution Ignition Edge

Moxa Industrial Computer + Ignition Edge by Inductive Automation

Moxa’s rugged and proven fanless PCs are known to use for edge computing applications and unmanned operation in thousands of outdoor and industrial sites. Now partnering with Inductive Automation, users can now choose to pre-installed licensed Ignition Edge Onboard™ to make the industrial pc into a powerful platform for edge devices data collection within a modern MQTT or Ignition™ architecture. This highly flexible solution can collect and share data from any branded remote devices (PLCs, RTUs, meters, or flow computers) in any location, then make them accessible to your Ignition Gateway server or Ignition-powered HMI.

Modern Platform by Inductive Automation 

Since Ignition Edge™ IIoT includes driver support for Allen Bradley™, Siemens™, Modbus RTU/TCP, Omron™, DNP3, OPC UA, UDP/TCP, and serial devices, you no longer need to maintain separate protocol converters or proprietary communications modules for specific devices. Ignition’s™ easy-to-use tools allow you to quickly generate tags and publish those tags to an MQTT or Sparkplug™ broker. The modern publish/subscribe architecture is far easier to deploy and scale to hundreds of sites compared to traditional polling methods. Ignition Edge Onboard™ also supports one-week local storage of tag history, alarms, and audit logs, which can be optionally expanded. The Store and Forward feature ensures data will be published even if cellular coverage drops out unexpectedly.


Proven Rugged Design

With thousands of units already in the field making equipment data available on demand, Moxa fanless PCs are a proven commodity for industrial users. They have been specifically designed for the industrial edge, so they are completely at home in hot, dusty panels alongside PLCs and other equipment. Board-level thermal design with low power consumption allows units to support an astonishing -40 to 70°C operating temperature range without additional cooling fans or heaters. International hazardous location certifications such as Class 1 Div 2 are also available on many models.

Full Platform Control

Each Moxa industrial fanless PC is an off-the-shelf, programmable computer designed and certified for industrial use and communication. You have full and unrestricted control of the unit via operating system. With zero proprietary restrictions or licensing fees, you are free to program the unit yourself, purchase a unit with Ignition Edge Onboard™, or install other software of your choice.

Feature Products

Wide Tem Operation

Low Power Cconsumption

Class I Div 2 Certified

Fully Programmable

Easy Configuration

Verizon and AT&T Networks Certified on UC-3111-T-US-LX and UC-8112A-ME-T-LX-US

Wide Temp Operation
Low Power Consumption
Class I Div 2 Certified
Powered by Intel
Fully Programmable
Verizon and AT&T Network Certified on MC-1121-E4-T