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Moxa Next Generation x86 Industrial Computers

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In the current dynamic industrial landscape, where reliability and scalability are more than just goals—they are essential needs. As industries advance into the digital era, there's a growing demand for industrial computing solutions capable of enduring tough environments and integrating smoothly with various systems. This demand peaks as industries face the hurdles of ensuring uninterrupted operation, handling vast amounts of data in real-time, and maintaining system longevity under extreme conditions, including power fluctuations and operational strains.

These hurdles highlight the indispensable need for industrial computers that are not only steadfast and reliable but also versatile enough to evolve with future technological progress

and growing operational demands.


Why Moxa's x86 Industrial Computers ?

Moxa's industrial computers are distinguished by their robust design, tailored to withstand the challenging conditions of industrial environments. With adaptable configurations and exceptional quality, they ensure reliability and scalability, meeting the dynamic needs of modern industrial applications.


Reliable and Durable


Drawing from more than 35 years of experience, our dedication lies in delivering optimal value and ensuring the success of our customers with an unwavering commitment to durable quality, consistent long-term supply, and timely support services. 


• 3-year Moxa warranty for product quality
• 10-year product longevity commitment

• Rugged and Fanless Designs: Optimal operation in harsh conditions

• Moxa's industry-renowned post-sales service 




The latest x86 IPC family offers 75 basic models, enabling customers to quickly pinpoint the ideal ready-to-use solution through a 4-step selection process, reducing time to market and expenses. 


• Versatile portfolio meets most industrial-automation requirements 

• Configure-to-order service (CTOS) for OS, memory, and storage 

• 4 simple steps to identify a best fit 

Real-World Application


Join leading engineers and project managers who trust Moxa for industrial computing solutions that stand the test of time. Whether retrofitting existing systems or embarking on new automation projects, our x86 industrial computers provide the backbone for a smarter, more connected industrial world.


Factory Automation

M2M Gateways for PCB Manufacturing 

System Requirements 

◆  Connect various devices to upper level management 
◆  Compact size, easy installation and easy storage 

◆  High speed low-power computing for real-time data processing

Why Moxa? 

◆  Compact and DIN-rail design for easy installation into small cabinets 
◆  Provides memory and storage pre-installed on demand, saving time and allowing for future expansion 
◆  Product quality and 3-year warranty

Product highlight

◆ DRP-A100-E4 Series

Industrial DIN-rail Computers 

* Versatile media interfaces including 2 LAN, 2 COM, 3 USB ports 
* Fanless and -30 to 60°C temperature operation 
* Compact and DIN-rail design for easy installation 

System Requirements

◆ Sufficient COM ports to connect to various types of equipment 

◆  Reliable operations with reduced unplanned maintenance 
◆  Compact computers that can be installed inside POS terminals 

Why Moxa?

◆  Better understanding of customer-specific needs for POS systems 
◆  Compact design and a rich set of interfaces to meet POS system requirements 
◆  Fanless design and sealed enclosure to reduce system failure and maintenance costs

Product Highlight

BXP-C100-C5 Series
Box computers with 11th Gen Intel® Core processor 
* 11th Gen Intel® Core i5 processor
* Rich interface options for up to 10 serial and 10 

LAN ports 
* Compact design for easy installation 


Retail Automation

Reliable POS Systems for Gas Stations 

Transportation Automation

Automated Fare Collection Systems

System Requirements

◆  Reliable computing solutions for automated gates (AG), token-vending system, and card-vending system 
◆  Improved storage rewrite endurance to extend component lifespan 
◆  Product reliability and quality for operational stability 

Why Moxa? 

◆  Proven engineering expertise in deploying and integrating automated fare collection systems for the long-term 
◆  Enhanced system durability against frequent program/erase (P/E) cycles on the storage for ticketing operations 
◆  Product reliability and quality to withstand harsh operating temperatures 

Product Highlight

◆ BXP-A100-E2 Series
Box computers with Intel Atom® X Series processor 

* 18 COM, 2 LAN, and 6 USB ports 

* -30 to 60°C operating temperature range 
* Customization-friendly platform with high- performing SSD preinstalled to ensure durability Supports 100,000 program/erase (P/E) cycles to reduce storage maintenance frequency 


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