MXsecurity Series

MXsecurity Series

Industrial network security management software designed for OT networks
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Features and Benefits

  • Unified security policies, firmware, licenses, and threat signatures on demand
  • Centralized management and monitoring of security assets
  • Aggregated security logs and customizable real-time alerts
  • Enhanced visibility of malicious activity and threats through data visualization widgets
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MXsecurityis a management platform that provides centralized visibility andsecurity management to easily monitor and identify cyberthreats andprevents security misconfigurations to create a robust threat defense.This industrial network security management suite translates complexnetwork activity and threat intelligence into real-time visibilityof cybersecurity statuses and actionable management for better detectionand reaction against cyberthreats. With real-time dashboards, MXsecurityhelps users track and react to OT network security events more efficiently.

Centralized Management

Manage andmonitor your firewall deployments from one central location for betteradministration and maintenance. Devices can also be managed in groupsbased on geographic location, function, or responsibility to increasemanagement efficiency.

Unified, Error-free Mass Deployment

Human errorcan lead to costly security breaches. Unified deployment of firewallpolicies, firmware upgrades, and signature updates prevents configurationerrors and ensures your network is protected with the latest securityintelligence.

Real-time Monitoring

MXsecurityprovides at-a-glance visibility, showing real-time network activityand threat analysis through highly customizable interactive widgetsand a flexible dashboard.

EventLogs and Alert Notifications

Automaticallyaggregates and monitors security logs at the appliance level and customizableinstant real-time alerts for more efficient monitoring and fastertroubleshooting.