CN2510 Series
CN2510 Series 8 and 16-port RS-232 terminal servers
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Features and Benefits
  • LCD control panel for easy on-site management

  • Supports up to 16 dial-in users when operating as a standalone remote access server

  • Supports PPP/SLIP with RADIUS authentication and RIP I/II routing protocols

  • Real COM and TTY drivers for Windows, Linux, and macOS

  • 48 VDC for telecom applications (for CN2510-8/16-48V)

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For most companies, the performance of IT equipment is critical to daily operation. To keep a server, router, PBX, or leased-line modem working properly, it is important to minimize downtime and troubleshoot faulty devices quickly. KVM is commonly used for in-band management of devices that are equipped with a screen and keyboard. However, RS-232 console access is often used as a last resort for all devices.

Remote Console Management

The CN2510 provides an easy console management solution in a convenient 1U rackmount package. With its RS-232 ports, connections are easily established to the console ports of network equipment, such as UNIX servers or routers, for centralized management of the attached devices. Each device’s RS-232 console port becomes a network-accessible node, giving users Telnet access from anywhere on the network for configuration and management of the device. Full modem control signals are supported, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of serial peripherals.

User Authentication

It is very important that access is strictly controlled in a console management solution, and user privileges should be validated before a console port connection is allowed. The CN2510’s authentication procedure involves verifying the username and password against an internal database or a RADIUS server.


When a dial-up connection is used for out-of-band management, the CN2510 provides a convenient dial-back function. Instead of accepting a connection request directly, the CN2510 calls back the management host to establish the connection. The dial-back function helps ensure that only registered users or hosts can remotely connect to the network through the CN2510, and helps to minimize long-distance phone costs.