AIG-501 Series

AIG-501 Series

4-port Modbus to Azure advanced IIoT gateways with Intel Atom® quad-core 1.91 GHz processor, Azure IoT Edge
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Features and Benefits

  • Supports generic MQTT client
  • Supports MQTT connection with built-in device SDKs for Azure/AWS cloud
  • Supports Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP master/client
  • Supports Azure IoT Edge
  • Supports easy device-provisioning with the ThingsPro Proxy utility
  • Provides robust OTA function to prevent system failure during software upgrades
  • Equipped with secure boot to prevent malicious software-injection attacks
  • -40 to 70°C operating temperature range
  • LTE Cat. 4 US, EU, and APAC models available
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AIG-501 Series advanced IIoT gateways are designed for IndustrialIoT applications, especially for distributed and unmanned sites inharsh operating environments. The gateways implement Modbus RTU/TCPmaster/client protocols which can help you to effortlessly collectdata from Modbus devices. Moreover, Azure IoT Edge software is preloadedand seamlessly integrated with the AIG-501 to enable easy, reliable,yet secure sensor-to-cloud connectivity for data acquisition and devicemanagement using the Azure Cloud solution. With the use of the ThingsProProxy utility, the device provisioning process is easier than ever.Thanks to the robust OTA function, you never have to worry about systemfailure during software upgrades. With the Secure Boot function enabled,you can prevent malicious software injection attacks, especially duringthe boot-up process.